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Grow Your Business

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Sometimes we are in our own way when it comes to growing a business.  Getting an objective point of view of can help assess what is needed to grow your business further.  Letting go of the reigns a bit and releasing a small amount of control over the business can help to grow it  Sometimes we are simply overwhelmed with the business and we have some fear of it growing and having more work to do.  There are an infinite number of scenarios of why small business owners might seek a professional life coach.

Personal Alignment

Gregory Copploe, Life Coach, Spiritual Life Coach, Healer

Going on a life journey is a big event, and sometimes we lose our path or alignment and we need to tell our story in order to find the path again, or align with a new path that will bear even larger fruit.  We work together to understand your current obstacles, so we can clear them away and allow you to move forward in the way you truly desire.  We must discover your authentic self, and discover the triggers of happiness and disappointment in order to realign your spirit to your new path.  Many times we don't know where we are or how we arrived at a place of confusion, but a good, intuitive coach can feel your confusion and they can make sense of it, and piece it back together for you.


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Anxiety is a beast, and all of us on the Planet experience it at one time or another.  Some of us live in this state daily.  Many times anxiety can be physical in nature meaning our platelets or blood pressure might be in the higher range and this in itself can cause a feeling of anxiety.  It is important to take care of our physical body shell as it houses our spirit and if the physical body is not aligned, we may feel anxiety.  There is also mental anxiety where we worry about the future or play videos in our head that are false as we digest thoughts in our head that are not accurate and truthful.  It is important to clear that thought pattern and get in touch with the reality of your anxiety and where it is really stemming from.  We may think or believe it is one thing, when in fact it may be related to something else entirely.  A good coach can mitigate your anxiety through a variety of channels.  Sometimes getting to the heart of the matter through authentic conversation can be enough to diminish the feeling all together.

Enhance Your Life

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Many times your life is good, but you want it to be better.  You are not sure what is missing, but sometimes there is this lull as if you are going through the motions following some formula that someone else put together.  A life coach can enhance your current situation without you having to start over with a new life path.  Perhaps you just want some tweaks in order to set boundaries and have more "you" time.  It's great to discuss what is missing, and then formulate a plan of action to enhance your current life path.  Understanding how you can enhance your life to experience more joy is a great reason to hire a life coach.


Gregory Copploe, Spiritual Life Coach, healer, Healing, Life Coach

It is easy to over commit yourself in life, and suddenly find yourself overwhelmed with all of your commitments you have made to others.  A rich, full life is about balance.  It is the same with our diet.  If we eat too much of one thing or take into our bodies too much of one thing, our bodies let us know by acting out.  Our psyche is the same and without enough "you" time it is easy for the mind to become overly exhausted and start acting out.  Relationships and friendships suffer and ultimately your life is not as joyful and happy as it could be.  A good life coach can find that balance for you, and can keep you on track so you don't over commit yourself in the future.


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Death has always been a topic of mystery for many, and it can bring a multitude of feelings to the table.  A good life coach can help you with the grieving process and help you better understand our mortality and what it means to pass on.  It's good to discuss our feelings in the present moment, and to understand why they are there as we process through them and help you heal emotionally from your loss.