MPTT The Mindfulness Pathway Towards Transformation

Thoughts become things

 Neurolinguistic Programming, Meditation, Light Hypnosis and Meaningful Conversation all assist in helping you to achieve your transformation.  The Mindfulness Pathway Towards Transformation can be broken up into  5 sections:

Mind Chatter

We have 80,000 thoughts that arrive daily.  Monitoring our thoughts and understanding the chatter will enable us to break free from the negativity and move forward to discern which are truthful and which  no longer authentically serve us.

Staying Present

We focus on the present so we can take action to achieve results.  Living in the past or the future will impede our present journey towards transformation.  Our lives will become more alive and vibrant as we become more aware of our present moment, actively seeking out the beauty that surrounds us.

Desired Outcome

 We must discover your inner desires and begin to creatively visualize them as an active part of your life.  You work actively within your new life as you begin to shed your old one much like a chrysalis which encases the caterpillar as it rips and sheds its old skin to reveal the new form, the new life beneath.


 We learn to release the fear and toxicity, believing in ourselves and our abilities as we align with our desires to live a life filled with more joy and authenticity.  Our past behaviors live in the past as our new way of thinking takes over the present.  Our alignment will include a new circle of like minded people that share in our core beliefs and support our efforts moving forward.

Living Your New Life

Celebrate your victories and embrace your change as you live your new life with abundance and the freedom that comes with that abundance.   Remember that life is ever changing and we can change our path and direction whenever we so choose by believing we can as we remove the shackles of fear and toxicity to progress into our new life.