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Gregory Copploe is a Poet, Author, Artist and an accredited Life Coach. He is a four time American Art Award winner and a Graduate of UCLA in Theatre Arts. Mr. Copploe's work in Hollywood spanned two decades and was the catalyst for his search for authentic self and greater purpose as he left toxicity behind. Mr. Copploe is an avid believer in living in the present moment, releasing fear and nurturing meaningful connections that trigger joyful experiences.

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Most Influential Person

  • Eckhart Tolle, Author

Effect on Emotions

  • “I feel freer to express my self without judgement and critique.”

Thoughts on Breathing

  • “Breathing is part of my meditation practice. I concentrate on my breathing when I meditate.”
  • “I picture my body being healing and being cleansed when I'm breathing.”
  • “And knowing that when I get up, I'll feel more whole and better physically and mentally.”

Suggested Resources

Bullying Story

  • “I was nothing but bullied all throughout school. When I got in college, I was finally accepted for my unique being.”

Meaningful Work, Meaningful Life with host Francine Beleyi featuring Gregory Copploe 


When you align yourself with the passion and authenticity that you’re supposed to be doing, you actually get paid more. Not less. – Gregory Copploe

Are you feeling that your soul is being depleted in your current career or business but are afraid to make a change?

About Gregory Copploe

My guest in today’s episode 45 of Meaningful Work Meaningful Life podcast, Gregory Copploe, is a Poet, Author, Artist and Transformative Life Coach. His goal is simple: to help you re-imagine your life. His book, The Art of Being Whole centres around brokenness and the beauty and gift we receive in that vulnerable, uncomfortable state of being. 

A very dark place

In our conversation, Gregory talks about the time when he felt his soul was being depleted, he felt empty, sad and depressed. He knew there was something greater that he was supposed to do but was afraid to do anything until he reached that bottom point where there was nothing more to lose. 

He started to search for what he really wanted in life but was afraid he wouldn’t be able to make as much money as in his high-flying job! So, to show the universe he was serious on his search he made radical decisions. 

“You would never think in that dark place that you would get such a beautiful gift of alignment,” Gregory says. “We don’t always see the lesson through that pain through the pain. It’s really uncomfortable and there is a lesson in our pain.”  

“There’s a reason why we’re there. We have to be quiet and listen to that message and reduce some of the chatter that we have in our head to hear.”

Emptiness Is Really Painful

Not having received the validation from his parents when he was a kid had a long-lasting impact on him. He never felt good enough and became an overachiever and a people pleaser. It was a long process to make peace with himself. At 55 years old, he’s just starting to understand that he is enough and has a mission on this earth. 

“Emptiness was there, most of my life and that emptiness is really painful. I had love in my life, and I was still empty. I threw away love many times because I didn’t understand what it was, and I was afraid to write that chapter in my book called life.” 

After his mum passed away, Gregory started drinking a lot and woke up one morning with atrial fibrillation; his heart was beating really fast. After being told at the hospital that he’ll have to wear a pacemaker for the rest of his life, he decided to take control of his life through holistic healing and a change of diet.

Go get those gifts!

Today he is paid three times more being himself than he did try being someone else. 

His advice: “When you align yourself with the passion and authenticity that you’re supposed to be doing, you actually get paid more. Not less.” 

His final word of guidance: “Be fearless on your adventure. It’s super important to not listen to the dream killers who tell you that you can’t.”

“Go get those gifts they’re waiting for you.” 

Listen to this raw and soulful episode to find out why Gregory is now leading the awakening movement for himself and others.


Money Matters with Adam Torres and featured Guest Gregory Copploe 

Gregory Copploe is our featured guest today as he talks about his new book The Art of Being Whole and living a fearless life.  He walks us through his journey as an Event Director at Sony Pictures Entertainment as he transitions from Director to CEO of Paint Nite Seattle and launches his Transformative Life Coaching Business which inspires him to become an Author.

"Shedding the ego is important as we go on our journey.  Walking through the door doesn't mean we have to stay, there is always an exit door on the other side"  Gregory Copploe