The Art of Being Whole, a Self Help Book by Gregory Copploe

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The Art of Being Whole, Book, Author, Writer, Gregory Copploe


This book is autobiographical and at the same time a reflection of my conscious mind as I traverse through a multitude of experiences and grow to realize certain truths and beliefs that end up shaping my existence. I believe we are all a bit broken, and there is so much beauty in that brokenness. As a society we are all so quick to judge, and so critical of ourselves, that we fail to embrace our uniqueness as something of value. We are beautiful, and it is this uniqueness that makes us even more so. I didn’t understand many of these truths as I embarked on my life journey, but I knew someday wisdom would inhabit my soul. I understood that there was something greater, and I understood that it had power and deeper meaning. There was a connection inside me that wanted to connect to something bigger than myself, and thus my spiritual journey began. I will begin and end some sections with poems that I have integrated into the book. Poetry and I have a deep connection, and we seem to understand each other very well. When I began this adventure, I desired to write a book of poetry, and then realized through my poetry, that I had a story to tell, and I could weave both into a delicious meal that we could all digest together without getting a charge of indigestion or acid reflux. 


Each chapter begins with a poem to summarize the mood or feeling.  

I cannot see the steps I take to move forward thus 

Yet I take them with a fervor and delicious stride 

Never knowing where my feet will land 

But certain each step is purposeful and enlightened 

As I begin my journey each day upward toward the light 

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I believe we all have a story to tell, and each one of us is equally important as we search for our sense of purpose and alignment on Planet Earth. Occasionally we lose our way, and we pray that we find a semblance of purpose that provides some joy and happiness as we persevere learning more about ourselves and our uniqueness. We are all one species, and this joyful statement connects each and every one of us together through spirit even though our packaging may come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. We must understand our connectedness in order to respect our uniqueness so we can thrive in a harmonious state of being. 

My journey will encompass love, heartbreak, and everything in between as I search and discover what love and light truly means as the rock I am encased in is shattered to reveal the diamond beneath. 

Being broken is a gift that allows us to reach the bottom of the abyss and slowly ascend upward toward the light without ego, embracing love, humility, and purpose. The metaphor of the shattered encasement, in fact, reveals our truth, our core essence of being. I think we can all understand why being a bit broken can be so utterly beautiful. 

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience." – Father Pierre Teilhard de Chardin 

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 Another Poem preceding a chapter

The void inside me sings a melancholy song 

As I move through the journey of someone else’s dictation 

And am bossed and tossed about like a buoy on a vociferous sea 

I break away from the flock, and plunge into the eclipsed night 

Not knowing where or when someone will save me 

It is then during this silence and loneliness 

The chatter gone 

That clarity begins to seep through the pores of my skin 

And it is here that I find myself for the first time 


We need the proper ingredients to grow

Water your life

The Art of Being Whole, A Self Help Book By Gregory Copploe

Balance is key

Never forget how beautiful you are

Blossom and transform