About me

Support for the Journey

Gregory Copploe

My goal is to help you re-imagine your life through meaningful conversation.    

We must understand our connectedness in order to respect our uniqueness so we can thrive in a harmonious state of being.  I am an accredited  Life Coach with additional training in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy.

Published Author

Book, The Art of Being Whole, Author, Writer, Gregory Copploe

As a published Author of the new self help book  The Art of Being Whole, I will use my life journey, spiritual education, and health and wellness background to create alignment in your life so you can feel a sense of completeness or wholeness.

Live your passion, live your dreams

Author, Writer, Life Coach, Gregory Copploe, Healer

Between our own fear and the dream killers on this planet, it can be difficult to realize our greatest potential.  Let's go on a journey, spread our wings and fly.

Balance is key

gregory copploe, life coach, balance and healing

Let's provide the balance back into your life for more joyful living

Let's design a road map together

Dream your life, Plan your life, life coaching, life coach, gregory copploe

I like to plan a road map for clients so they have an action oriented plan which helps them achieve their goals and desires.

Business and personal relationships

Life Coach, Spiritual life coach, broken relationships, healing, gregory copploe

Life can be stressful and can create unwanted anxiety.  Let's mitigate your fears so you can achieve greater alignment in both your professional and personal relationships.


Why can a life coach do for me?


 A Transformative Life Coach will go on a journey with you and assist you with discovering your new path.  They can help mitigate your fears, and help you reach your greatest potential.  

How much time do I invest?

Health and Wellness

Every situation varies depending on the client.  Some clients feel healed and whole in one session, while others have long term goals that require more  work.  Remember, you are not investing in me, you are investing in yourself.

How do we get started?

Exercise your body

We schedule a free 30 minute consultation phone call to assess your situation, and to ensure we have the appropriate connectivity to move forward.